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Affordable Housing Programs

The County is using a combination of capital and operating programs to address affordable housing supply and demand. In addition to new affordable rental development, the County offers a number of programs to increase affordable housing stock, and ensure housing is affordable for County residents.​​

Secondary Suites Program

The Secondary Suites Program provides funding of up to $30,000 per unit for the creation of a secondary or garden suite which is an effective means to increase the supply of affordable housing.​​

Application intake for the Secondary Suites Program is year round. However, funding is limited and is provided on a first-come first-served basis to eligible applicants.

For application details, review the Application Package.

For more information on Secondary and Garden Suites, read this fact sheet.

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions, check out the Secondary Suites FAQ.​

Maximum Market Rents and Maximum Tenant Income – 2023-24 d​etails here​​.

For more information about secondary suites and Ontario Building Code requirements, please visit the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing’s Second Unit Innovation Guide.

Affordable Homeownership Program

The Affordable Homeownership Program aims to assist low-to-moderate income renter households, in Simcoe County, to purchase an affordable home by providing 10% down payment assistance (to a maximum of $50,000) in the form of a 20-year forgivable loan.

The Program provides renter households with the opportunity to move to homeownership thereby freeing up rental units, encouraging developers to build affordable housing and fostering demand.

A percentage of available funding will be designated for applicants currently living in Social Housing or those who self-identify as Aboriginal households

Frequently Asked Questions

For Homeownership Program FAQs please, view ​more in-depth information here​​.

Alternative programs

Applicants cannot access multiple programs, please carefully consider which program best fits your needs.

How to Apply

  • Mortgage Pre-Approval – Please contact a mortgage broker, trust company, credit union, bank or other qualified lender of your choice to apply for a no cost mortgage pre-approval.
  • Application – Complete the County of Simcoe Affordable Homeownership Program Application, download the application here: Homeownership Program Application 2023-24​​.​
  • Attach Required Supporting Documents – Review your application carefully to ensure all requested supporting documentatio​n is att​ached. Applications that are incomplete or missing required documentation will be returned.
  • Submit Application – Applications can be submitted by email to​​

For assistance with the Homeownership Program Application or to have an application
package mailed to you, please call, 705 725-7215 x1119 or email​

Ontario Renovates

Ontario Renovates (Home Repairs):

The Ontario Renovates Program includes funding for urgent repairs, renovations, and accessibility modifications for low to moderate income homeowners. Funding of up to $15,000 per unit is available. Accessibility modifications are particularly beneficial for seniors to allow them to ‘age in place’ and persons with disabilities who require unit modifications.

Application intake for urgent home repairs and accessibility modifications is year round; however, as funding is limite​d, applicants may be placed on a waitlist.  Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.​

For application details, review the Application Package​.​

For more information on Urgent Home Repair​s and Accessibility Modifications, read this Fact Sheet​.​​

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions, check out the FAQ​.

​See also: Secondary Suites Program

Housing Retention Program

For information about this program and how to apply, please click the link below.

If you are facing an eviction, please read Tenant and Landlord Resources to understand your rights and access assistance.

Apply for Special Needs Housing

Special needs housing means a unit that is modified for or is made available for occupancy by a household who has one or more persons who require accessibility modifications to live independently.​ All persons requesting one of these units need to complete an Application for Subsidized Housing.

Applicants applying for these units will be placed on the wait​ lists for the accessible units at the buildings they choose.​​ 

If you or someone you are assisting requires a modified unit, please contact Simcoe County Housing Corporation at 705-725-7215, then press 3.​