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HIFIS Support Centre

  1. Che​ck whether or not client’s record in HIFIS (check the full na​me and birthdate/age).

  2. Check whether or not client’s Common Consent Form has been uploaded into HIFIS => Client => Client Information => Documents.​

  3. If the client has provided their consent and there IS a ​Common Consent Form uploaded, continue to serve the client and enter their information in HIFIS.

  4. ​If the Client verbally agrees to participate in HIFIS, worker provides their signature, the name of client, the date, and authorizes that they received informed verbal consent from the Client to participate in HIFIS. This should be written at the bottom margin of the Common Consent Form.

    • Service Providers must ensure that the client is made aware of the information on the Common Consent Form, so that they can make an informed decision about sharing their information in HIFIS.

    • If possible, follow up to request written consent.

  5. If there IS NOT a signed Common Consent Form uploaded and the client’s record is in HIFIS:

    • ​No clients should be entered in HIFIS who have not signed the Common Consent form.​

    • Request the client’s consent to participate in HIFIS.

    • If the client agrees to provide the Common Consent Form.

    • ​​Upload the signed Consent Form into HIFIS => Client => Client Information => Consent. 

    • Please DO NOT enter ‘End Date’.

    • If the client does NOT agree to sign the Common Consent Form, continue to provide services that you record outside of HIFIS AND continue to assertively encourage and promote the client’s participation in HIFIS over time​.​​

Connecting Community with HIFIS (Simcoe HIFIS Workshop)

​Simcoe Connecting Community with HIFIS Schedule (April and May​ 2024)

Date (Every other Thursday from 2-4 p​m)


April 18

Basic – New Users​

May 2

Basic – New users

May 16

Basic – New users

May 30

Basic – New Users​

If you would like to attend a Simcoe Connecting Community with HIFIS session, please reach out to us at ​​​

    • ​​HIFIS Policy and Procedure​

HIFIS User Guides

How-​To Guides​​ and Job Aids​​​