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D4 Information

D4 Applications

A D-4 Study is a report to be completed by a qualified person under the Environmental Protection Act in order to determine if there will be any impacts to persons and/or property due to a Waste Disposal Site within the pre-determined assessment area of an operating or non-operating Waste Disposal Site. The D-4 Study is to be completed based on the provincial Guideline D4 and shall be at the expense of the applicant. The Study is to be submitted to the appropriate approval authority. This authority will have the D-4 Study peer reviewed and upon satisfaction will give clearance for this condition to the development.

The following PDF files include blank D4 application forms as well as a list of frequently asked questions.

Annual monitoring reports are available for some County active and closed landfill sites.  For further details contact Customer Services at (705) 735-6901 or (800) 263-3199. To access a copy of the Ministry of the​ Environment D4 Guideline please visit