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Invasive Plants

​​Most are familiar with the threats posed to our environment by exotic invaders such as zebra mussels, purple loose strife, and more recently giant hogweed, however there are other invasive exotic species which are seriously threatening our County Forests.  In fact, many resource professionals and naturalists consider invasive exotic species to be the most serious threat to the long-term integrity and biodiversity of woodlands in Southern Ontario.

Of particular concern locally are four non-native species: garlic mustard, dog-strangling vine, Manitoba maple, and common or glossy buckthorn.  Unfortunately, the increasing level of recreational use is leading to additional accidental introductions.  To help us control the spread, PLEASE:

  • stay on the trails;
  • clean your boots or tires before and after visiting the County Forests;
  • never discard plants or yard waste in the County Forests;
  • learn to identify invasive plants and advise forestry staff if you are aware of an introduction.

For more information please visit:

Ontario Invasive Plant Council

Invasive Species Centre