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While the Forestry Department is responsible for maintaining and managing the forest health and operations within the Simcoe County Forest, staff do not offer private land consultation. 

Stewardship of private land forests is the responsibility of the private landowner who can find assistance from numerous sources including the resources and links below.

resources and links

The County of Simcoe does not provide tree planting services directly to residents, however funds are provided to reduce the cost of reforestation programs which are delivered by area partners.  Available funds are focused upon increasing tree cover in high priority areas such as marginal farmlands and along stream corridors; as such the subsidy level varies depending upon the type of land to be planted and the environmental benefit provided.

Interested landowners should contact their local Conservation Authority or stewardship association directly to determine eligibility and program details:

County Forest staff manage County Forest lands and do not provide private land forestry. Landowners are encouraged to contact a forestry professional to assist with making forest management decisions.

Many landowners may be able to get a tax incentive on forested properties through the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP).

Please see the links below for more information:

Ontario Woodlot Association

Organization of private forest landown​ers.​

Landowner Resource Centre

Fact sheets and publications for landowners and land managers.

Forests Ontario

Information about tree planting and woodlot management.

Ontario Professional Foresters Association

A professional forester can offer a wide range of services from tree planting to harvesting.

Certified Ontario Tree Markers

Certified Tree Markers are certified through the province to follow tree marking prescriptions prepared by a Professional Forester prior to harvest operations.

Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program

Forest properties in Ontario greater than 4 hectares (approximately 10 acres) can be eligible for a reduction in property taxes through this program.

Huronia Woodland Owners Association​

Representing local woo​dland owners for over​ 50 years.

International Society of Arboriculture

Certified arborists are trained to care for the health of individual trees.

​​​Invasive species refer to plants, animals , insects and pathogens that are introduced to the area, causing significant harm to the local ecosystem, economy and society. There are many resources available to landowners who wish to manage invasive specie(s) on their property. Below you can find information and links to a few invasive species of concern that have been found in the County of Simcoe. ​​

Invasive Plants

Spongy Moth

Emerald Ash Borer

Oak Wilt​

Information on any other invasive species in Ontario can be found on the Invasive Species Centre Website​