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V-E Day

Blog originally posted May 5, 2017

​​​​On Monday May 8th 2017, we celebrate Victory in Europe Day, more commonly known as V-E Day, which marks the formal acceptance by the Allies of World War II of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender of its Armed Forces. Looking to 1945, May 8th was marked by Canadians in an overwhelming fervent and passionate manner. Whether it be Canadians joining the thousands in the streets of London, England or Paris, France, or be it the countless number that danced in the streets of Toronto with tickertape raining overhead, the mood was of celebration and thanks. 

996-46 Barrie Examiner 10 May, 1945
Image copyright: Public domain

Locally, V-E Day was marked first in remembrance, then in celebration. As stated in the Barrie Examiner on May 10th, 1945, ‘the first report was heard on the air about 9:45 o’clock Monday morning. Telephones began to ring and the word was soon passed about the town’. As the work day finished, Barrie churches filled as thousands gathered for services of prayer and thanksgiving to mark the end of war in Europe. On Tuesday, the mood turned to a more joyous and enthusiastic fashion, where business and factories closed, in order to allow for its workers to celebrate. Dunlop Street soon filled with people and cars to demonstrate their relief that the war had ended in Europe. ​

979-38 Barrie VE Day Celebrations
Image copyright: Public domain

Join us here at the Simcoe County Archives as we celebrate the 72nd anniversary of Victory in Europe Dayon May 8th.


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