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Vendor Information

Vendor Information

County of Simcoe frequently purchases goods and services from vendors through the bids&tenders™ system. Our online system allows businesses to easily search for open bid opportunities. Information about submitted and awarded bids is also available.

Commodities Purchased

  • Road and bridge construction, repair, and maintenance
  • Business services and consulting
  • Facilities construction, commissioning, renovations, repair, and maintenance
  • Environmental, architectural, and engineering services
  • Building equipment and materials
  • Office equipment, supplies, and furniture
  • Heavy, light duty, public transit and off-the-road (OTR) vehicles, repair, maintenance, and fuel
  • Museum exhibits, supplies, and services
  • Archival systems and equipment
  • Airport maintenance equipment
  • Computer networking, hardware, software, and information services
  • Branded merchandise and apparel
  • Telecommunications
  • Education and training
  • Advertising, printing, signage, and creative services
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Forestry products and services
  • Food and kitchen equipment
  • Health and medical supplies, PPE, equipment, and services
  • Life safety supplies, equipment, and services
  • Property maintenance
  • Security and surveillance
  • Plumbing, electrical and HVAC service and supplies
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Energy efficient designs and products
  • Land surveyors and appraisal services

Accessing Bid Opportunities With the County

County of Simcoe Request for Tenders (RFT), Request for Proposals (RFP), and other procurement opportunities are available online and can be previewed free of charge at the website:

Using bids&tenders™ Portal

The County of Simcoe posts its bid opportunities on bids&tenders™, an online portal that connects suppliers like you to buyers like us.

Opportunities posted on bidsandtenders™ are available for preview free of charge. To download supplementary documents and respond to an opportunity, an annual subscription to bids&tenders™ or per bid fee is required.

  • bids&tenders™ is the only valid online source of information for County bid opportunities.
  • Submit all bid questions via bids&tenders™ prior to the stated deadline.
  • Bid responses must be submitted electronically through bids&tenders™ unless otherwise indicated.
  • Ensure sufficient time is allotted to submit your response. The timing of your submission is based on the time it is received by bids&tenders™.
  • bidsandtenders™ will send you a confirmation email upon successful submission of a bid.
  • Submissions will not be accepted after the posted closing date and time.
  • For bids&tenders™ technical support contact
  • The County utilizes the electronic bid system bids&tenders™ to purchases goods, services and construction valued over $100,000.
  • Create your free account to ensure your company is included in our bids&tenders™ supplier database.
  • Purchases valued at less than $100,000 may be directly requested from our supplier database.
  • bids&tenders™ provides the following options to view and bid on these opportunities.
  • If you are a pay-per-bid user or annual subscriber you already have an account.
  • If you are not an annual subscriber or payper-bid user you can create a free account on bids&tenders™
  • Create your free account at no cost and pay when you see something you like.
  • Select the County of Simcoe as an agency of choice during set-up and you will be
  • automatically added to our bids&tenders™ supplier database.

Here’s how to create your free account

  • Go to;
  • Select Create Account and enter your company information;
  • Select all categories that may be of interest;
  • Select your preferred agencies;
  • Input your contact information;
  • Select Continue;
  • Your free account is now active.

Note: You will be redirected to the annual subscription registration page. Only continue if you wish to purchase an annual subscription. Do not register if selecting the pay-per-bid option or creating a free account, simply close the webpage.​

Free Bid Preview

All posted opportunities can be previewed free of charge at ​​

  • A one-time, pay-per-bid option is available for occasional bidders.
  • Occasional bidders do not receive automated notifications when bid opportunities are posted.
  • Bidding on any County of Simcoe opportunity posted on bids&tenders™ will automatically add you to our bids&tenders™ supplier database.
  • Unlimited access to all bid opportunities posted by agencies using the bids&tenders™ platform is available by purchasing an annual subscription.
  • Annual subscribers receive notifications each time an opportunity is posted matching your category selections.
  • Subscribe and select the County of Simcoe as an agency of choice during set-up and you will be automatically added to our bids&tenders™ supplier database.​

County of Simcoe Request for Tenders (RFT), Request for Proposals (RFP), and other procurement opportunities are available online and can be previewed free of charge at

A bidsandtenders™ subscription is required to download bid documents and receive notifications of new County bid opportunities and a one-time pay per bid option is also available.​


For more information about Procurement at the County of Simcoe, please contact: