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County Road 10 Mitchell Bridge Rehabilitation

Mitchell Bridge has been in service since 1962 and it is unknown if there has been any previous rehabilitation.  County of Simcoe is undertaking a bridge rehabilitation to extend the service life of the structure and make other improvements including widening of the bridge, replacement of bridge barriers and new steel beam guiderails to improve traffic safety and new approach slabs and asphalt pavement to improve passenger comfort driving over the bridge.

Timelines (subject to change as project proceeds​)

Bridge rehabilitation work has been shut down for the winter and will resume in Spring 2024 which will include surface course paving and site restoration. ​

Impacts to drivers and neighbours

Construction will be staged to allow one lane of traffic over the bridge with a temporary traffic signals.  Delay and queuing at the bridge is anticipated during construction.

Please be safe and use caution when driving through the construction zone.

For more information on the construction, read our April 2023 newsletter​.

County’s Commitment and Experience

The County of Simcoe continues to invest in keep the infrastructure in a state of good repair.

We appreciate the public’s patience as we ensure that work on this significant improvement is being completed safely and properly and according to the County’s requirements

Project Contact

Jae Park
Project Engineer
County of Simcoe
705.735.6901 ext. 1166