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County of Simcoe and City of Orillia to host a Public Information Centre to discuss the Housing – Attainable Supply Action Plan (Housing ASAP) Project

November 8, 2023

6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Virtual Meeting

The County of Simcoe and the City of Orillia are partnering to build up our communities through a new Housing – Attainable Supply Action Plan (Housing ASAP). This plan will support moderate-income households who are looking for housing that is attainable to their income in the communities that they love.

The Housing ASAP project will help create the conditions needed for more attainable housing offered by the private market in communities throughout the region. It aims to identify and develop strategies and tactics for the regional and local governments to implement or advocate for over the next five years.

This project will answer three fundamental questions related to attainable housing within Simcoe County and the City of Orillia, including what is attainable across the region, what kinds of dwellings are missing in the region and at what price point, and how local governments can help to facilitate the creation of privately-owned affordable and attainable housing. The project has been divided into four components:

  • Component 1 – Gap Analysis, Background Review
    Details can be found on the County’s Housing ASAP Project Website <<< Add Link to {Page Name}>>>
  • Component 2 – Public and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Component  3 – Best Practices & Potential Solutions Review
  • Component 4 – Recommended Action

As part of Component 2, the County and the City are hoping to garner public and stakeholder input.

Meeting Information

Housing ASAP Project: Public Information Centre


Wednesday, November 8, 2023, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.


Virtual Meeting


To register for this virtual meeting, please e-mail your name and contact information to with “RSVP – Housing ASAP Project: Public Information Centre” in the subject line. Upon successful registration, a link to the meeting will be sent to you directly.​

Housing Continuum
The housing continuum represents the spectrum of housing types available for low, moderate, and high-income households. The Housing ASAP focuses on moderate-income needs, which includes affordable and market-rate rental and ownership housing. 

Attainable Housing is only a segment along the Housing Continuum. Attainable Housing is providing affordable rental and homeownership opportunities offered by the private market, as opposed to social housing, subsidized housing, transitional housing, emergency shelters, etc.

For more information on the Housing – Attainable Supply Action Plan (Housing ASAP) and other local strategies for housing across Simcoe County, visit <<< Add Link to {Page Name}>>>. For information on the City of Orillia’s plans for housing, visit