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Participating Electronically in a Statutory Public Meeting

Interested parties can participate in a Statutory public meeting (including Development Charges) in two ways.

Regardless of the method you choose, participants should familiarize themselves with the details below:

A. Written submission:

  • No prescribed format, can be handwritten or electronic
  • No limitations on the length/number of pages, can use photos and graphs
  • Is submitted to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) in its entirety, if appealed
  • Is attached to the minutes of the meeting, if submitted according to prescribed timelines and considered at the meeting; and
  • Can be submitted anytime after the notice is issued, and prior to approval by Council

B. Verbal submission/appearing live/online to present your submission or to appear via a pre-recorded video:

  • Requires pre-registration by the deadline indicated in the related notice via
  • Requires participants to have a computer with video/audio capacity
  • Requires participants to “name” their computer/device
  • Limited to 5 minutes per presentation
  • Limited to 1 presenter per presentation

Notice of Collection, Use and Disclosure

All submissions and requests for notice under these proceedings are subject to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and are subject to disclosure, including but not limited to names, addresses and comments.  Questions about this Notice may be directed to the County Clerk’s Office. 

A. Written submissions can be dropped off in person, or mailed to:

County of Simcoe
1110 Highway 26,
Midhurst, Ontario L9X 1N6
Attention: County Clerk

 B. Electronic submissions can be emailed to:

Once registered via clerks@simcoe.cathe Clerk’s Team will email you the video meeting credentials/links/password, prior to the meeting. You should test your computer/device to make sure it is capable of joining a video-conference. Also, your computer/device should be “named” so the Clerk’s Team can identify you – see more details below.

At the designated time, join the meeting using the link/password provided. All presenters will be placed in a digital waiting room until your designated presentation time.  Prior to being admitted to the meeting from the digital waiting room, you may be interested in watching the live meeting broadcast at:  Once you are admitted into the meeting to appear before Council, be sure to close the YouTube browser to ensure there is no feedback when you begin speaking on Zoom.

Pre-recorded videos are displayed at the public meeting for Council at a pre-determined time as outlined on the agenda. Due to format and size, pre-recorded video submissions cannot be attached to the agenda, however much like written submissions, form part of the official record and will be provided to the OLT , if appealed. Depending on the format and file size, email the file or a link to the video to

Sufficient time is required for to test videos received to ensure software and hardware functions correctly. There is no guarantee that a pre-recorded video submitted at the last minute or in a format that is incompatible with county systems will be broadcast at the meeting, however, will be accepted as part of the records submitted.

The computer/device that presenter’s use to join a meeting should identify you by name so the Clerk can clearly identify you as a registered participant. Only registered/identifiable participants will be admitted into the meeting. Computers/devices that do not identify the registered presenter by name may not be admitted into the meeting. Should you fail to have your computer/device named, please watch for a Chat message from the Clerk while you are in the digital waiting room in order to identify you as a registered participant.

There are resources available on the internet to assist you with “naming” your computer, and how naming your computer helps meeting organizers to reduce “zoombombing”.

You can email with questions or provide your name and phone number and we will have a staff call you back in an effort to answer questions. Please note that staff are unable to provide you with “legal” advice.

Yes, presenters can have slides displayed during the public meeting. Presentation materials need to be emailed to at least one day in advance of the meeting, and your slides will be displayed once you are admitted into the meeting and called upon to present. Slides will be advanced by the Clerk upon being prompted, such as “next slide”. Alternatively, registered participants can share their own screen and advance their slide deck.

Yes, written submissions will be accepted up to the last day cited in the notice and can be submitted by one of the two methods outlined above under Question 1.

For those wanting to view the proceedings and not present a verbal opinion, you can view the meeting live on YouTube at

Any questions related to the above information please email or call 705-726-9300, ext. 1246.