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BuildingUp Transportation Infrastructure​​​

The County of Simcoe is significantly in building up transportation infrastructure across the region with more than 60 intersection and road reconstruction, road rehabilitation, bridge, and trails projects planned for 2023. Building up our road network supports residents and businesses as our region continues to grow.​ This year’s budget includes $77M for transportation and engineering projects, including around $47M for roads construction and rehabilitation. ​Click here for more information on the scale and scope of projects across our 16 member municipalities…

​BuildingUp homes, lives and hope

Area partners and representatives from all levels of government gathered on March 30, 2023 to announce that the County has  achieved its housing targets set out in Our Community 10-Year Affordable Housing and Homelessness Prevention Strategy (2014-2024).​

Announced at the site of the County’s new Tiffin Street Supportive Housing Building in Barrie, Warden Basil Clarke shared that the County surpassed its goal of creating 2,685 affordable homes across the County between 2014 and 2024, one year ahead of schedule. As of December 2022, the County reports that 2,775 affordable homes have been created across Simcoe County through a variety of different housing programs since the implementation of the Strategy.

Since 2014, the County has invested approximately $300 million into building up homes, lives and ultimately hope for area residents. 

With this achievement of creating more affordable housing a year ahead of schedule, the County is turning attention to building up communities across the County by creating more affordable homes and rentals over the next 10 years. A new 10-year affordable housing strategy is expected to begin in 2024 and carry through until 2034.​​​​

​BuildingUp Homes, Lives And Hope

Spotlight on larger affordable rental housing projects

Since the inception of its affordable housing strategy in 2014, the County of Simcoe has created a number of larger new affordable rental housing projects and other innovative designs, in addition to expansions, smaller projects and other programs to create and maintain housing. Some of the key investments and projects included: 

Second Street, Collingwood (two buildings, including 55 and 92 units, completed Spring 2019)

Two unique mixed-use buildings opened in Spring 2019 offering affordable​ housing for singles, families, and seniors, along with onsite services such as an EarlyON Child and Family Centre. This site is also home to a community hub for social, community and health services.

Zoo Park Road, Wasaga Beach (99 units, completed Sprin​g 2020)
Owned and operated through the Simcoe County Housing Corporation (SCHC). This site offers affordable housing for singles, families, and seniors.​

Maple Street, Victoria Harbour, Tay Township (41 units, completed Fall 2020)
Opened in Fall 2020, this building features accessible trails and is located near public parks, shopping and amenities. The site offers affordable rental housing for seniors and persons with disabilities

Additional Funding and Programs

In addition to large developments, the County supports housing across the entire continuum which has contributed to the 10-year target. These include supportive and transitional housing such as Lucy’s Place in Barrie (completed in 2019) and Tiffin Street (completed in 2023). The County also supports private and not-for-profit sector builds, funds Secondary Suites, supports through Ontario Renovates (a program that provides funding for renovations), offers a Homeownership program and more to ensure that needs are met across the entire housing continuum. ​​

​Builds currently underway (not included in the current targets)

The County is currently at various stages of the planning and building process for larger rental developments.

The rental development in Orillia, the County Orillia Campus Project when complete, will be the largest build to date, with 130 mixed affordable residential units for seniors, families, and individuals, as well as a number of community services in this campus-style development. This is expected to open in late 2023/early 2024.

The build currently beginning in Bradford West Gwillimbury will be a 50-unit affordable residential building will include rentals for both families and seniors. The expected completion of this building will be in late 2024.

County Council has approved a mixed-use building creating 176 affordable rental apartments on Rose Street in Barrie. The development will include diverse housing types, including rent-geared-to income, affordable housing and units for the “missin​g middle”, as well as space for social, health and community partners. Shovels are expected to go in the ground in spring 2024, with the proposed development set for completion in 2026/27.​