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Social and Affordable Housing

Social Housing is often used interchangeably with Affordable Housing, but they are two different things. All social housing is affordable, but not all affordable housing is social housing.​

County of Simcoe Social Housing Department

As the provincially appointed Service Manager for this area, The County of Simcoe is responsible to plan, fund, and manage the County’s social housing system, including services to the cities of Barrie and Orillia.

The Social Housing Department also oversees Social Housing Systems Management, which includes:

  • Funding, administering and ensuring compliance of housing programs
  • Across the County, there are approximately  4,100 social housing units, including approximately 2,800 rent-geared-to-income units.
  • Provision of subsidies to 24 housing providers for 2,517 non-profit units, 60% rent-geared-to-income and 40% market rent.

The County of Simcoe manages program and subsidy administration for local non-profit, co-operative, and urban native housing programs to ensure compliance with the Housing Services Act.

As such, we provide support and legislative direction through PoliciesDirectives, and Information Bulletins.  

The Social Housing Department also participates in a number of non-mandated initiatives that improve the range of affordable housing options/programs available to our residents.​​

Simcoe County Housing Corporation

The County of Simcoe is the direct owner and manager of the Simcoe County Housing Corporation (SCHC), which provides affordable housing to seniors, families and individuals. 

Housing units are primarily rent-geared-to-income (RGI), which means tenants pay rent based on their income.

The Simcoe County Housing Corporation currently owns and operates 1,292 RGI units, and 360 affordable units, countywide, and maintains a Centralized Waitlist for RGI assistance.​

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