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Statements from Warden Basil Clarke Provincial Facilitation Process and Announcement on Peel Region

May 18, 2023:

The County of Simcoe has, and continues to be, a highly efficient and effective level of government, serving its residents extremely well and working cooperatively with a range of partners and multiple levels of government. As the future unfolds, the County continues to recognize the importance of high-growth pressures, servicing capacity, affordable housing, health care and infrastructure.

The County provides high value and quality in its service delivery through its responsible management of tax payers’ dollars. Efficiency also comes through co-operation from its 16 member municipalities and 2 separated cities. From waste services, to paramedics and long term care, road maintenance and social services, these programs are expensive to deliver and the consolidated expertise at the County level and overall system approach, means all municipalities and residents benefit. The County of Simcoe has always placed residents first.

Simcoe County is at a different point in its evolution than that of Peel Region or other regional municipalities. Our structure and governance in Simcoe County is different than larger regions across Ontario because many of our smaller municipalities already face budgetary constraints and challenges with service delivery capacity, such as water and waste water. With more population coming, the benefits of economies of scale are evident. In Simcoe County, there is simply more capacity and more value for household taxes with regional services.

The County of Simcoe Council did formally request engagement and facilitation with the Province on planning and co-ordination of grow​th-related services at a meeting of Council earlier this year, and we trust this will be included in the Provincial process.

The County has a tremendous track record of strong governance and service to Simcoe County, and we hope to have further engagement with the Government of Ontario to work with them to identify the most sustainable way forward.

Basil Clarke

Warden, County of Simcoe

May 23, 2023

At County Council on May 23, 2023, members (the 16 Mayors and Deputy Mayors from across the County) passed a motion confirming their support of the County of Simcoe and its many critical services and coordinating efforts across the region.

​Council understands that Simcoe County’s municipalities are very different in size, structure and evolution than the three municipalities that make up Peel Region, and that County-wide regional services that are provided do and should continue to provide great value for our residents.  That said, the County of Simcoe is a major contributor to meeting Provincial housing and population targets, and we look forward to engaging with the Province and any appointed facilitator to see how we can best provide for the growth that will occur.  

We heard today, even from Councillors opposed to specific elements of the motion or the timing of it, that our communities and residents appreciate and rely on the County of Simcoe’s leadership and services, and likely could not provide without them.

We look forward to working with Minister Clark​, and the appointed Provincial Facilitator, as we work through these processes.  While we are at a different point in our composition and structures, which require regional considerations, we remain interested in working together to determine how we can best provide needed growth-related services well into the future. 

Clearview Township Mayor Doug Measures moved the motion, which is included /attached at the bottom of this statement.

Basil Clarke
Warden, County of Simcoe

Media Contact:

Collin Matanowitsch
Public Relations Manager
County of Simcoe