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County requests public input into the future of housing across the region

Midhurst/May 3, 2023 – County of Simcoe staff are currently developing a number of housing strategies and are looking for public input to help shape future investments, actions and solutions for housing across the region.

The County is working to build further strategies and supports to address housing needs at all income levels using a significant range of regional programs and funding streams. Feedback received will help guide the County’s strategies and supports ranging from the shelter system, to affordable housing, to addressing challenges faced by the “missing middle” (attainable housing) and programs aimed at assisting with home ownership.

All housing strategies can be found at <<< Add Link to {Page Name}>>> along with an informational video explaining what each strategy is used for and a link to the long-term affordable housing strategy survey.

The County would like to thank all participants in this process for helping our communities grow while the County continues #BuildingUp communities across the region.

About the County’s Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy process

In March 2023, the County announced that, through the support and collaboration of area partners, it had surpassed its 10-year housing target by creating 2,755 new units and Building Up countless lives since the beginning of this strategy in 2014. The County was proud of this achievement, which was reached one year ahead of the original 10-year goal. Feedback obtained through the new Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy consultation process will help guide and shape the creation of the County’s next 10-year Housing Strategy, while also supporting targeted plans for other types of housing or income levels, such as the “missing middle”, or attainable housing.

LTAH Survey

About the Housing ASAP (Attainable Supply Action Plan) project
The Housing ASAP project will identify tactics and strategies that can be implemented in the next 5 years to increase attainable housing “missing middle” supply provided by the private market in Simcoe County. We anticipate aspirations and advocacy tools to come out of this work to be used either at the County level or suggestions/options at the local level. These are actionable directions to help address the housing crisis in Simcoe County.

The work undertaken as part of this project will look at the market housing supply and delivery system, with a focus on workforce and “missing middle” housing in Simcoe County. The recommendations will influence an increase of attainable and workforce housing supply in Simcoe County within the realm of municipal control (upper or lower tier). Additionally, some other recommendations may require municipal advocacy (advocate for changes in legislation, policy, funding, etc.).

About the County of Simcoe
County of Simcoe is composed of sixteen member municipalities and provides crucial public services to County residents in addition to providing paramedic and social services to the separated cities of Barrie and Orillia. Visit our website at​

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Media Contacts:

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Public Relations Manager
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Public Relations Consultant
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