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employment Survey

The County of Simcoe officially launched a two-year pilot project in May to conduct an Employment Survey after it was endorsed by County Council. The Employment Survey will capture data regarding the number of businesses and jobs within the County of Simcoe. The data collected will help the County of Simcoe and local municipalities gain a better understanding of employment areas, establish a baseline of existing business, identify employment trends, and acquire a deeper knowledge of the local economy.

The Employment Survey will offer valuable insights that can significantly improve local municipalities’ decision-making abilities related to future employment planning, influencing growth strategies and infrastructure investments. The findings will not only shape immediate decisions but will also lay the groundwork for sustainable economic growth and development initiatives that will benefit our local communities for years to come.

Starting in May 2024, a group of students hired by the County began visiting businesses across the region to seek participation in the survey in-person.

Additionally, businesses are encouraged to send an e-mail to to receive a unique survey link for their specific workplace.

To receive a direct survey link personalized for your workplace, please email or you can call the County at (705) 735-6901 or at 1-800-263-3199.

Data collected will be strictly confidential; only local municipalities and the County of Simcoe will have access to it. Aggregated data and analysis will be posted to the for the general public to view at a later date.

By taking the survey you will directly help contribute towards a better future by lending your insights and perspectives. This collaboration is key to building a prosperous future across Simcoe County. 

Plus, everyone that participates in the survey will automatically be entered into a draw to win one of three ‘Made in Simcoe County’ gift baskets from Farm to Door that will contain various items from local producers across the region.